Thursday, July 1, 2010

Academy Life: Day 3

27 June 2010 (Sunday)

0430 Reveille
0530 - 0630 Breakfast
0630 - 0700 Transit
0700 - 0800 Optional Chapel/Personal Time
0800 - 0900 Travel to Placement Testing Areas
0900 - 1200 Math Placement Testing
1200 - 1330 Formation/Lunch/Transit
1330 - 1530 Chemistry Placement Testing
1530 - 1600 Break
1600 - 1800 Comp Sci Placement Testing
1800 - 1900 Dinner
1900 - 2000 Training/Transit
2000 - 2130 Athletic Briefing
2130 - 2200 Transit
2200 - 2300 Hygiene/Personal Time
2300 TAPS

Not much going on this day except all of the placement tests.  I received two letters from Dustin from this day.  One from the morning personal time the other from the afternoon break. Between his score of 4 on the Computer Science AP exam,  the Comp Sci Validation test he took today and another exam he can take after BCT he may be able to skip one or two of the introductory Comp Sci courses allowing him to either open his schedule for more advanced classes or to simply lessen his study load.  He says he will probably do the former.  He is sure he did well on the math Placement, but not so sure about Chemistry Placement.  He seems to have forgotten a few things since those classes.

Things are pretty tough tho.  He says that "the Basics don't have enough time to do the things they are told and everyone is struggling on making the beds." "We came up with the idea of not sleeping in them to help preserve them, but the the Cadre made us get in and roll around, destroying the day's work."  I had to laugh at this.  I am sure that the Basics all thought, 'Hey this is a bright idea that no one has come up with.'  LOL  I could just see him trying to sleep on the floor too to get out of messing up that 'hard' work. =)

He has been able to talk to one of the Element leaders (Elements are squads.) Apparently this leader  is letting him talk things out and motivating him with small words of encouragement.  I think it is something each Basic will get in small supplies to let them know that they can make it thru the "Beast" as BCT is called.
Tomorrow is supposed to be "motivational Monday" or as Dustin is quick to coin it as "Living Hell Monday".  Quote: I hate Mondays.  LOL  He wrote that physical conditioning has started as punishment, but the real killer workouts come tomorrow.  I can't wait to read the letter for Monday!

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