Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Academy Life: The End of BCT 1

10 July 2010 (Saturday) 

0430 Reveille
0530 - 0630 Breakfast
0630 - 0700 Transit to Athletic Fields
0630 - 0700 Chapel
0700 - 1100 Field Day
1100 - 1130 Transit
1130 - 1230 Shower
1230 - 1300 Transit
1300 - 1830 Doolie Day In
1830 - 1930 Transit/Briefing
1930 - 2030 Pack for Jacks Valley
2030 - 2130 Hygiene/Personal Time
2130 TAPS

09 July 2010 (Friday) 

0430 Reveille
0500 - 0600 Breakfast
0600 - 0630 Transit
0630 - 0730 Chapel
0730 - 1030 Gen Cox Change of Command
1030 - 1130 Transit to Field Day Area/Practice March-on for Field Day
1130 - 1300 Transit/1st BCT Awards Ceremony/Lunch
1300 - 1730 Afternoon Activities
1730 - 1830 Dinner
1830 - 1900 Transit
1900 - 2000 Heritage Speaker
2000 - 2100 Pack for Jacks Valley
2100 - 2130 Hygiene/Personal Time
2130 TAPS

08 July 2010 (Thursday) 

0430 Reveille
0500 - 0600 Breakfast
0600 - 1200 Morning Activities
1200 - 1330 Formation and Lunch
1330 - 1730 Afternoon Activities
1730 - 1830 Dinner
1830 - 1930 Heritage Speaker
1930 - 2030 Briefing on Proper Wear of Blue Uniform
2030 - 2100 Hygiene
2100 TAPS

07 July 2010 (Wednesday) 

0430 Reveille
0445 - 0600 PT
0600 - 0700 Hygiene
0700 - 0800 Breakfast
0800 - 1200 Morning Activities
1200 - 1330 Formation and Lunch
1330 - 1730 Afternoon Activities
1730 - 1830 Dinner
1830 - 1930 Change into Intramural Uniform/Transit
1930 - 2030 Intramurals
2030 - 2100 Transit Height & Weight Checks
2100 - 2200 Hygiene/Personal Time
2200 TAPS
Well I finally was able to talk to Dustin on Saturday.  This was the last day of BCT 1.  They had Field Day that morning, then the afternoon was given to the Basics to be able to call home or whomever they wanted.  Dustin called me the instant his hand touched his phone (which they gave back to him just for this afternoon). This is what is called Doolies Day In (DDI). A Doolie is a Fourth Year Cadet.  DDI is when the basics get the time to eat pizza and sundaes and drink cokes. Its a special treat for them.  Apparently there used to only be one Doolies Day Out (DDO), but because of the H1N1 virus last year, they had to keep the basics at the Academy, DDI, and then let them have the DDO at the end of BCT.  I am not too sure if there is a DDO this year.  Still trying to find a schedule.
So Dustin said he was doing ok, but really tired. He doesn't sleep in his bed since it would take too much time to remake it to their standards in the amount of time he has each morning, so he says he sleeps in a chair.  He tried the floor but it was just too uncomfortable. He said once he gets into his dorm room for the academic year he may sleep in a sleeping bag. (good grief!) He really misses everyone, but said he will still stick it out.  I tried to give as much encouragement as I could.  He had received a few letters by then.  In fact the day he received them I saw a picture of him giving me the "sign" that he had the letters. Our sign is a tap on the side of the nose.  I adopted that way back when he had school performances or awards days to let him know I am there and love him and am proud of him.  See I don't believe in yelling or whistling at these events.  So very uncouth. 
I learned a lot about how the meals are conducted (another blog later).  They march incessantly.

Trying to tap his nose without being seen by the Cadre..LOL
He talked about being issued his "Blues" uniform.  this is the everyday uniform once the academic year begins.   He said he thinks he looks snazzy in it.  There are only one set of creases, on the shirt sleeves.  He then said, "Thank you SOOO much for teaching me how to iron!  At least I don't have to put in as many creases."  He is also teaching his roommate how to iron now too.

He did say that when he was issued his rifle for drill he felt really good because the drills are the same as what he did in NJROTC.  He said he is even teaching his fellow basics. His gun is named Leonardo. Yes apparently the rifles had names attached to them..LOL  He also talked about visiting the dentist and that his teeth were in bad shape.  He then told me, "At least they have a good dental plan!" 
It was hard to have to say goodbye, but I just gave him all my love and told him to take it one day at a time or one meal at a time if he needed to set the goal that way.  He marches out to Jack's Valley on Sunday for the second half of BCT. 

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