Thursday, July 1, 2010

Academy Life: Day 3 "Motivational Monday"

28 June 2010 (Monday) 
0430 Reveille
0445 - 0600 PT
0600 - 0700 Hygiene
0700 - 0800 Breakfast
0800 - 1200 Morning Activities
1200 - 1330 Lunch Formation and Meal
1330 - 1730 Afternoon Activities
1730 - 1830 Dinner
1830 - 1900 Transit
1900 - 2100 Surveys and Briefings
2100 - 2200 Hygiene
2200 TAPS

As I mentioned in my last post, this day will be called "Motivational Monday" or "Living Hell Monday" due to the fact that now the killer physical conditioning (PC) workouts begin! The Basics start visiting the Dental Clinic, Cadet Store, and begin getting their Proxy Cards.

The Cadet Store is a strange place for the basics.   (Translation - Small store, sort of between the selection of a Walgreens or CVS).  They can go in, but can't talk to other basics.  So, they wander around the store picking up things they are allowed to buy  -- iron; ironing board; shoe polish; etc.)   But they cannot buy food.  That doesn't sound too bad to you and I.  And to the basics at this point, it's probably not a big thing.  But then in a week, when their cravings for soda pop, chocolate, cookies, and potato chips are really pressing on them, the Cadet Store can be torture. 

Prior to 9/11, the Academy was pretty much open.  As a result of 9/11, a number of things changed.  The most obvious things for cadets were:

(1) Fencing around the cadet area.
(2) Proxy Cards

Cadets, faculty, all personnel must now where proxy cards in the cadet area.  This card is how people get in through the checkpoints and also into the dorms. 

The Basics will also have some training for "Rank and Chain of Command" and "Air Force History and Organization".

I take the time to point these as a "neat to know" for you.  But also, I take the time to list these out separately to again emphasize that Basic Cadet Training is much different than the "Basic Training" you see in the movies.  Just think of the things I've mentioned recently:  Core Values Training; Air Force History; appointments with the Dental Clinic".

They are learning; training; improving themselves.  The cadre and staff are prepping them for a four-year marathon towards commissioning.  It's done professionally. 

So, for us, family members & friends, yes, we'll be concerened throughout BCT.  That's understandable and commendable.  But we've been told, 'please don't fret.  They're doing fine.  Some of their first letters to you may be short and "down-hearted."  But the tone should improve as they build friendships and start to compete with other squadrons during Jacks Valley.'

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