Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Academy Life: Uniforms

Just a quick note about the uniforms that the Basics will wear.  They are being issued different uniforms each day.  Be it their ABU's that they were issued on Inprocessing Day, or the PT uniform, the Parade Uniform or their Service Dress.  Yes they are even issued official jogging suits.. (oooo ahhh)

The basics have themselves measured for their parade uniforms.  Here's the long explanation.
Each year the Cadet Uniform Board meets.  This is where they decide what to add and subtract from the cadet uniforms.  I heard that the Parde Uniforms are tailor-made.  I always thought the parade uniforms were like all the other uniforms.  They simply gave you a parade coat and tailored it for you. 
Au contraire, Pierre!  These puppies are tailor-made!

Some other trivia about the parade uniforms.

I have to chuckle that they measure you for the parade uniform as a basic.  By now, you've likely lost weight.  They fit it to you exactly.  So, when you first get the uniform after basic when you've gained back a few pounds, it can be a bit snug for the first parade.  By the time senior year rolls around, sometimes it takes a crowbar and some Crisco to get into your parade uniform.

On the serious side, they do look awfully sharp.  I have to admit that I love the look of this uniform. If I am correct, the Seniors, or Firsties, wear the sash.  I also like how the females wear the same exact cover as the males.  One thing I think looks ridiculous in the other services. IMHO

Here's a moderately known fact.  When they were designing the Academy and the uniforms, they called on Cecil B. DeMille for help in designing the cadet uniforms. 

(I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!)

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