Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Bog Down

Ok, so I haven't been on here for a while.  Since I posted last week I have flown to Philadelphia and back for an interview, spent 3 hours on the phone Saturday afternoon with Dustin, and spent copious amount of time beading an awl case.
It was a fairly good flight to Philly. Except for the kid behind me that kept kicking my chair every-so-often and the squalling kid in another row.  The company I was interviewing with flew me up and put me up in a hotel the night before. I am so glad that the hotel had shuttle service.  Saved me a bunch of cash.  Of course it is highway robbery that a coke costs $2.70 in the airport!  I could have had several 2 liter cokes for that, but of course you can't carry any liquid over 3 oz. thru the security point.  The hotel I stayed in was nice, but I couldn't sleep. Plus with the time difference, for a person who is a night owl in the Central Time Zone REALLY is a night owl in Eastern.  Got up plenty early and psyched myself up.  Once the car arrived (oh yeah, the company also provided car service) I was off thru the most beautiful countryside to the office. I think the 4 hours of interviews went well.  Lets just say that I feel a lot better about this one than I did the Chicago interview.  After all was said and done, took the car to the airport for the long wait for the flight.  Once on the plane we had a 1 hr wait on the runway.  Don't ask me why, but the line was backed up forever it seemed.  Finally got home after another 3:45 hr flight.  I was never so happy to be standing again.  At least all of the people I sat bedside were decent.
I really hope I get this job.  It has been very heartbreaking to be out of work for as long as I have been. The area up there is absolutely beautiful!  It reminds me a lot of the little area we were in in Washington.  Lots of trees and you can't see for 30 miles because it isn't flat like around here.  Of course, here I thought I was going up there to escape the heat, well it was 101 there while it was on in the 80's here.

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