Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Academy Life : Noon Meal Formation

Noon Meal Formation

(Copied from the AOG Webguy's blog) (Dustin isn't in any of these pictures, just used for reference)
You'll often see on the schedule that they are going to, forming-up, or departing after the noon meal formation.  What's the background on this?

Well,  if you talk to graduates from previous Academy classes, after they tell you how hard the Academy was back in their day, they'll tell you how they used to march to Mitchell Hall three meals a day.  Better yet, they had it so hard back then, sometimes they would march there when it wasn't a meal time, just to "toughen them up".  But I digress...

Well, the middle meal of the day (lunch), happens somewhere around noon.  Hence, the term Noon Meal.  Throw in that the cadets have to "form up" in squadrons to prepare to march, you get "Noon Meal Formation".

The Basics form up in their squadrons in front of the dormitory they are living in - Vandenberg Hall.  This is the dormitory on the north side of the Terrazzo. (See Vandy Hall in the back?)
Once the music plays they start to march west, towards the Honor Court. (See back behind these basics from the Class of 2013 last year?  That part of the Terrazzo is the Honor Court.  The Honor Code is written on it)
When they get near the Honor Court, just before the Chapel, they turn south and walk in front of the Chapel Wall.  (That way, the tourists can gawk at them.)  About halfway down the Chapel Wall, the squadrons perform and "Eyes Right".  The Squadron Commander salutes with his/her saber when it blues, or just salutes in ABUs.
The Basics look to the right at a 45 degree angle.


This is wear the commander will stand to review the squadrons as they pass.  Once they approach Sijan Hall (the dorm on the south), the squadrons turn east and head for Mitchell Hall.

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