Monday, June 28, 2010

Academy Life: Inprocessing Day

24 June 2010 (Thursday)0700 - 1830 Inprocessing
1830 - 1930 Cadre Briefing
1930 - 2130 Flight Time
2130 - 2200 Hygiene
2200 TAPS

Inprocessing Day: The first day of the rest of their careers!  I received a call from Dustin first thing that morning in which he told me that he loved me and that he was going to go ahead and turn his phone off for the duration of the summer.  I told him I loved him and of course I couldn't hold back the tears.  He assured me he would be ok and that I didn't have to worry, he was going to stick it out no matter what!  I told him I was proud, which he already knows, but I just could help but say it for the umpteenth time that day.
Inprocessing is a very big ordeal.  This is when the Basic is taken from his old world and introduced to a new one.
 First, you drop off your bag.  OOOhhhh!
Then you wait in line.
Then you get the Weclome Brief.
When you're ready, you go upstairs smiling!
Then you come downstairs not smiling.
Next you head out the back of the building.
Next, a cadre member explains the War Memorial.
Then, they receive the briefing about the '59 Challenge Bride and go across.  This briefing is given by a member of the Class of 1959 - the first graduating class.
Then, they enter the bus......This is a short video to illustrate some of what they had in store for them. Class of 2014 Inprocessing  
{No, Dustin isn't in any of these pictures. Of which I found out after looking at about 4000 pics to find him. These are from the AOG Webguy's Blog to illustrate what happens.}
After the Bus:
Up in the cadet area...
First, you get off the bus at the base of the Core Values Ramp.

Then you stand on the bright, pretty footprints painted on the ground.

And if you have any questions whatsoever, there is always a friendly cadre member ever willing to offer assitance.

And once you are completely ready, you take a leisurely stroll.

Up, up, the Core Values Ramp.

Now to the Serious Business:

First, you...wait in another line.  (Go Air Force!)

Then, (wait for it), you get a bright red hat.  Yea!  We're part of the Red Hat Society!!!!
No, you're a Red Class.


Some get their rooms quickly.

Others get some Gatorade or "high quality H2O".

Then, we get some shearing completed.

Of course, no one is excluded.

Here are photos of the Basics going through data verification

Then some photos of Basics heading to pick up medical records
The Basics went through an oath to state that they choose to be at the Air Force Academy.

Here are some Basics getting their athletic shoes and boot issues.


Next, uniforms are issued. Ah, now they are starting to look official...

Basics are then grouped into their summer squadrons.  Here are some Basics practicing their 7 Basic Responses.  For anyone out there who may not be familiar with this term, this means there are 7 standard responses that the Basics must recite when responding to their Cadre.

They are:
Yes, Sir/Ma’am
No, Sir/Ma’am
No excuse, Sir/Ma’am
Sir/Ma’am, may I ask a question?
Sir/Ma’am, may I make a statement?
Sir/Ma’am, I do not know.
Sir/Ma’am, I do not understand.

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