Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Academy Life: Day 1 Swearing In Ceremony

25 June 2010 (Friday)
 0430 Reveille
0500 - 0600 Breakfast
0600 - 0700 Welcome Briefing by Leadership
0700 - 0800 Learn Drill Maneuvers
0830 - 0830 Form-Up for Swearing-In
0830 - 0900 Swearing-In
0900 - 0930 Transit to Training
0930 - 1230 Morning Activities
1230 - 1300 Transit to Mitchell Hall
1300 - 1330 Lunch
1330 - 1400 Transit to Training
1400 - 1800 Afternoon Activities
1800 - 1900 Dinner
1900 - 2000 Optional Chapel or Personal Time
2000 - 2030 Transit
2030 - 2230 Flight Drill/Flight Time/Instruction/Urinalysis
2230 TAPS

This is the day the Basic takes his oath that he /she will uphold the Constitution of the US. 
What will happen at the ceremony?
Short answer:  Parents congregate on Chapel Wall overlooking Terrazzo.  Basics march on to the grass facing the Chapel Wall.  There will be some remarks.  Then the basics will raise their hands and take the oath.  There will be much rejoicing.  Then they will march off.  The parents will look at each other and say "Now what?"  Then, they'll get in their cars and drive home or to the airport.  for the basics, they begin "the daily grind."
So starts the day:
They woke up early.  0430 I beleive.  Then they had some breakfast.  They then received a briefing from their leadership.  Then, they needed to practice.  If you think about it, that makes sense.  Three days ago they were civilians laying on beaches.  They inprocessed yesterday.  Today they had to march in military formation, and render proper salultes.  That training went from 0700 - 0800.

Next, they formed up (stood in big squares according to squadrons), and waited until their queue to begin.
{OK, side note: You may have noticed the Basics wearing their ID on a lanyard.  You may have also noticed that there are different colored lanyards.  Each color represents the squadron that the basic will be in for the summer. Dustin is in the Interceptors Squadron.  The squadron is then comprised of smaller groups called flights.  For my scouting friends I think it is is equivalent to squadron/troop and then flight/patrol.}
Finally, the band started playing and the basics began marching on to the grassy patch in the middle of the Terrazzo.  They formed up facing the Chapel Wall and the reviewing party.  The reviewing party had everyone from the Superintendent, to the Commandant, plus many others.  Of course, although the Superintendent holds the higher rank, the ceremony itself was conducted by the Commandant since BCT falls under the Commandant's role as being the head honcho of military training.

Next, they raised the large American Flag that they raise during swearing-in.  The Commandant gave his speech and administered the Oath.  The basics responded.  Then, they ended the ceremony and marched away to their various morning activities. After the squadrons went their separate ways, they began "squadron-specific" activities. Interceptors received training on PT and went to Cadet Issue. (Cadet Issue gives them everything from uniforms to bed sheets).
The basics finished the morning activities and headed over to Mitchell Hall for some elegant cuisine and some training on how meals are conducted.
They started afternoon activities at 1400. Interceptors did the AFT (Aerobic Fitness Test) and had the briefings on the agencies that assist cadets.


  1. Were you there for the swearing in? I was wondering how you got the pics.
    I'll be reading your blog now that I found it.

  2. No I wasn't there for the swearing in. I got the pics off the Association of Graduates webpage. The Webguy and others take pictures all day of the cadets.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere!
    Thanks for posting pics. I'll be looking forward to seeing his "great adventures!"