Monday, June 28, 2010

Academy Life

As I had said before, I will try to chronicle the life of a Basic Cadet at the USAFA.  I will try to catch up on all of what Dustin has done up until now so there will be several posts.  Please bear with me. I will also be using excerpts from a blog at the Academy to help with the info, since I, by no means, know anything about what is going on there.
Life isn't going to be easy for him.  Yes, he has a leg up on things because of the training he has already had in the NJROTC and also thru Boy Scouts.  This will be a lot harder than either of those tho, mentally and physically, and also emotionally (don't tell him I said that). So I will go back in time to the first day that he left.

Wedenesday June 23rd 10 am:  We drove Dustin to the airport so that he could fly out to the Academy.  Yes this was a very hard day for me.  I know, I know, he has been away fom me most summers with a week or more here and there for BSA smmer camps and NOAC, but at least I knew he would be back very soon.  I also knew that he could contact me if he really wanted to do so. (Such as the phone call from the top of Mt Phillips on his Philmont trek!)  I digress.  We sent him on his way and I talked to him off and on as he departed DFW and then arrived in Colorado Springs, CO. He called to tell me that not only he was roaming around but several other new appointees were milling around looking for the shuttle to take him to the Academy.  That being said, he did find his way and then promptly forgot to let me know he at least made it there in order to wait for the sponsor family that he would stay with Wed nite.  He did call me before bedtime to say he was fine and that he would call me the following morning to say good bye for 3 weeks. It was a long night for me.

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